Yesterday I applied to AdSense, as I have a couple of posts I want to experiment running ads on.I got rejected yesterday, with the reason being: "valuable inventory - no content"

A few facts about my site
- Have been publishing original content on it regularly since Jan 2019 and have 100+ posts
- My posts range from 700-4000 words in length so they are not "thin" content, and Google ranks several of them on page one.
-I make a careful effort to follow Jay's SEO guidelines including placement of affiliate links, and try to write a balanced ratio of posts with affiliate links and posts with none
- I don't run any other ads or have any inappropriate content
- I've checked that I used https: for everything, so there were no domain crawling issues

Anyone got any ideas of how I can fix the issue?

Thank you.

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MarionBlack Premium
You have 2 websites listed on your profile page, both are not secure (no SSL certificate) and no content since 2015. Did you apply to Adsense with a different website?
emilyonline Premium
Hi Marion,
thank you for taking a look.
Yes I did apply with a new website, one I started in 2019.
MarionBlack Premium
If you would like me to look at it then I'll need the domain name.
emilyonline Premium
Thank you, I just meant thanks for taking the time to look at my profile. I know the problem is definitely not with my site, I'll try again with adsense.