Is there a way to check if one of my links is dodgy, as I have just had a message from a reader saying the links on one of my posts has hacked all his passwords, and caused him a major headache?
any help most welcome.
Thank you.

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AparnaBansal Premium
Log out of WA. Go to the internet and search for your website. Ensure that u are not logged in. Open that article and click on that link. U will know if it's working right or not.
YvonneBray Premium
It could be something else if every thing is fine.
DianeK59 Premium
As already mentioned, it's possible, but sometimes people will think it is one thing (like your link) but not.
AbieAJ Premium
Hi, could be true and could also be bogus

What link is that ? please
Motly20 Premium
just a link to a product on Clickbank from one of my posts. I have checked the link and they work fine,so was just wondering how would I check to see if someone says it is a dodgy link?