I have checked "screen options" and "quick edits." All ok. My url is http://learnbigandearnbigonline.com/. When I click on this, no comment box. I have to type in the post url http://learnbigandearnbigonline.com/a-review-wealthy-affiliate to get a comment box. So how do folks even see the comment box when they hit my site?

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mijareze Premium
Can't add anything else--I think you got some good answers.
Trev9021 Premium
Hi Dick, what you can check is this, go into your dashboard, select the page or post you want, then click on QUICK EDIT, check you comments box and see if it is checked, if not just click on it a tick will appear then click on the update button. Hope this helps.
shoofar Premium
Hi, I think that your problem lays in that your homepage is a BLOG ROLL but you have chosen (or it is default in this theme) to show one full post
(or maybe it was customized this way buy you).
When you have BLOG ROLL instead of static page you cannot have comment box because by default it will be showing more than one post
(as previews of latest 5 blogs or something like this)
You can try to change your homepage to static page pointing to your full post this should work with seeing the comment box. But by doing this you will freeze your homepage to show only one post and always the same post.
That would be my theory.

What else i noticed is that when you go to this address http://learnbigandearnbigonline.com/a-review-wealthy-affiliate
and you hit "HOME" some fonts (in title) are changing try to check it out - i use CHROME it might be just a chrome "feature" lol so it may be a false alarm
- maybe this is a clue that your "HOME" might have been stuck on some old version of options and recreating it by delete/create new page will solve your problems.
skmali Premium
Hi dickw, I can see comment box on your post. If you don't, click on red box besides your post title. that will show how many comment you have on particular post.
Hope this will help.
skmali Premium
I just commented on your review. Let see what happened.
CharlesL Premium
We were having problems with that issue and went to http://www.fastsecurecontactform.com/. There is a video on how to install and use a comment form. It worked for us, maybe it will help you too.