It happens quite often that someone says they commented and yet I don't have it on my website.

I trust people, so I don't think they lied.

Did you have that experience as well? Is something wrong with my website or with the hosting? Most important question: do you know a solution?

Thanks for aswering and take care,


PS I know I have to approve a comment. So I have to say it more precise: I don't see it in the commentsection in the backoffice.

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megawinner Premium
When someone has commented, you will see it for your approval. If not go to SiteSupport to solve the case immediately.
LMH1968 Premium
You need to approve the comments.
You can see if there are any in the
back office.
sylviayuchin Premium
I've experienced it. This happens usually due to constraints on the website.
You can ask help at the support site to fix it.
Usually, I tell those who give comments via pm / private messages, that the comments do not appear on my website, and there may be obstacles on my website.
You can ask them to comment later when your website can receive comments.

Or the message will appear after you approve it.

For approval: go to the dashboard and check it out if the comment there or not.

Good luck!
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - when somebody posts a comment on your site, you need to approve it for publication before it shows up. If you log in to WordPress, you should see if you have any comments waiting for your approval.
GarryJam Premium
Go back to your friends. Get them to show you.