Recently, all of a sudden I am unable to upload media. I was working and then it stopped working... It gives me this error:
"Post-processing of the image failed likely because the server is busy or does not have enough resources. Uploading a smaller image may help. Suggested maximum size is 2500 pixels."

Odd since the pics are the exact same size that the previous ones have been. I know it has nothing to do with the size of the pics as they are plenty small enough. I have also tried renaming the pics, uninstalling plugins, and clearing my cookies and cache, and tried a different browser.. None have resolved the issue.

Upon deeper research, I have discovered this bug has been around for quite some time, at least over a year with WP and many have had this same problem. Pretty serious bug IMO. Disappointing that it has not been patched in the more recent versions. It appears to have different solutions for different sites. Images are are a NECESSITY FOR MY SITE as I am a store website built on WordPress. I have come to a COMPLETE HALT for days with this error and can not find a reliable assistance to my issue.

Please help!

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lesabre Premium
Hi Tonya, there was a problem with the WA servers yesterday. They seem to be working OK today. I was going to mention clearing your browsers cache but I see you have already done that. Seeing as you did not get a satisfactory answer from site support perhaps a direct e-mail to Kyle may be worth it.

Best wishes,
Warly10 Premium
Hi, I had the same issue yesterday. It's very frustrating.

Just keep trying, it'll work
feigner Premium
can you ftp upload them
as Chrys says i thought someone else was having the same issue....
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
This question has been posted twice, or i need to clean my glasses :-)

This is what I asked on the other question.

Have you contacted SiteSupport, as they need to check their servers and Kraken API etc.
starbyers Premium
I did ask site support and all they said was to rename the image...not very helpful!!! Actually quite surprised that was the response that I received. I am getting the run around and I need to move forward. I have been trying now for a week.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
I get that when I forget to resize photos and images. What size are the ones you are trying to load?
starbyers Premium
Hello. As I mentioned, the pics are the exact same size that the previous ones have been, without issue. I know it has nothing to do with the size of the pics as they are plenty small enough.It is a bug with WP, many others have had this same issue for over the past year.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Yes, I saw that you said they were the same as previous uploads. I was just wondering if perhaps WP had an update that changed the parameters for expected size. I know that I have problems when mine are too large, but they easily upload when I resize.

Whatever it is, I do hope you get it resolved. Loading issues can be very frustrating!