All of the sudden, my visual editor shows a blank for every page and post I have. I tried clearing my cache, and clearing my browser cache. I did recently install a plugin for managing redirects. I have deleted it and still no change. Any tips on what to do next?
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MarionBlack Premium
This is the response I got a while ago from support "Please clear your browser, local DNS cache and then give it a try." If that doesn't work try a different browser or reboot your computer. ~Marion
Loes Premium
Happened to me too, yesterday, and today it was back again, give it some time
Shawn Martin Premium
It might be a WA glitch, I would wait it out for awhile, many are complaining about the same problem
LittleClaire Premium
Hi Andrea, I had this problem - it was a plugin, but it happened when I changed themes.

Are you using WP Edit? Apparently this is known to cause issues...

I know you have deleted the new redirects plugin, but you might have to check all the others (by deactivating one by one).

I had to resort to using another plugin called Disable Styles & Scripts to diagnose the issue, as deactivating didn't seem to work, but once I had found the culprit and removed it, all was well again.

Maybe this is something to do with the most recent WP update?

Best of luck finding the rogue plugin!

OldMCSEGuy Premium
Great response. Nothing like getting a straight answer from someone who has done it.
sschmidt Premium
Have you done any other theme or plugin updates lately?
You may need to reinstall the plugin.

If you can't sort it, send a request to support. Sometimes restore is the quickest way to sort these sorts of problems.
dj-drea Premium
No I haven't done any updates, I just tried deactivating all of my plugins and that hasn't made a difference.