I hope someone out there can give me some advice and guidance on this matter.


* I have a website with a .com domain currently hosted elsewhere.

* I would like to transfer that website and domain over to WA

* Once done, I want to re-do the entire website. (It is totally wrong as it currently is)

* So in essence I basically just want to retain the domain and not the site as it is now.

Questions. I just want to make sure I go about it in the right way, so here are some questions :

1. What do I do first ? Transfer the domain "as is" over to WA ?

2. Once done, I want to build a complete new site using WP. Is it doable, using only the existing domain name ?

3. What happens to the content of the existing site ? How do I delete the whole lot ?

4. When transferred, must I cancel my hosting account with the current company, or simply just leave it as is ?

5. Is there any danger of "duplication" in what I want to do ?

I will appreciate your views on this issue please.


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OldMCSEGuy Premium
DNS is the key. Once you change it then in this case it will not be visible except to spiders. Here is where my WA training. kicks in. Pre WA I would not have worried about the content. . Today I am actually spinning the articles to include my WA training. Did I say that I am doing something similar with my credit repair site?
MarionBlack Premium
If you don't want any of the content on your website then you can just change the nameservers (DNS) to point to WA.
Primary: ns1.mywahosting.com
Secondary: ns2.mywahosting.com
As soon as you do that the content will be inaccessible so you can cancel your hosting account. ~Marion
TheCatherine Premium
All you need to do is transfer the DNS to wealthy affiliate. Once that is done your own site will be invisible anyway. You can do one or two things you can import your old site into WordPress or you can start again from scratch. It sounds as though starting from scratch is your best option so you need to do as I said is transfer the DNS start again
pinkabella Premium
You may have to word some of your content differently for Google ranking as it may look like it is duplicated I think.
MoritzS Premium
If you don't need anything from your page, just delete all files on the server.
Where are those files hosted?
Then change the DNS settings and point them to WA.
Then cancel the hosting.
Not sure what you mean by "duplication".