I currently have about 12 domains and 1 hosting account at godaddy and I used the wordpress plug in to build my site. Is there a way to move my site to WA hosting without having to rebuild everything from scratch?
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Carson Premium
Hi Bonnie,

If you would like to bring your websites over to WA then you're going to use a backup plugin and create "Temporary" Site Rubix websites here at WA.

Here are the steps that would work for you.

1 - First thing is to create a temporary SiteRubix.com free site here at WA. You will install your website on this domain then make sure everything is working before moving your domain over.

2 - Install a backup plugin on your Godaddy.com website, as well as on your SiteRubix.com site. This will allow you to backup your site to Google Drive, dropox, etc. This plugin will also allow you to restore the site on your SiteRubix.com website

The plugin called "UpdraftPlus" should work well for this as Ken mentioned below.

3 - Once you restore the site on your SiteRubix.com website you will be all set to move the DNS over to WA servers.

Here is the info on moving your SiteRubix.com website over to your domain that you own:


You will have to do this for each of your sites. I bet it won't take you all that long once you do it once or twice.

If you have any trouble, just let us know and we'll be here to help!

Ken-Pringle Premium
Thank you Casron, you guys here at WA are so helpful.
CarlaIves Premium
That sounds like good advice from Ken. I have also heard that support will move it if you send them a ticket. Not sure, but it's worth a try. Those guys are geniuses!
trellsworth Premium
hi carl, when you say support will move it are you talking about "support" at godaddy or "support team" at WA? I'm currently needing to move a website and domain from godaddy, my 1 yr is finally expiring at godaddy and I do not want to renew it at their fee of $179 yr when I'm here at WA which is so much more reasonable cost.
Ken-Pringle Premium
You can backup what you want to move and bring it over.
A great free easy to use plugin is:
UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore
gingergurl Premium
I'm finding that using it through dodaddy is cumbersome. Thank you! I have to dig up a bunch of passwords now and give it a try.
Ken-Pringle Premium
We are here to guide Bonnie