I'm sorry to keep asking the same thing but I've been through Facebook, I've looked through my theme (Mercia) and cannot find why my blog posts went from showing the featured pic in each blog as the picture to an oversized site ID pic to now showing a silhouette.


I APOLOGIZE if it seems liek a redundant question; I'm trying everything I can think of to look, and can't see where I'm going wrong! I just want to be able to share a blog link the way it used to be!

Sorry for the rant, and ideas? Is this due to the Mercia theme update?

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DBlanchard Premium
I have a solution for you. This is what I do now for all my images on my facebook page.

I start by downloading a "custom image" to my facebook page before putting up any links. Then I write whatever I need to put in the post along with the link thereafter.

Now the custom image I use (and it works like a charm) is I go to http://Canva.com, choose the Twitter Post template (1024 x 512), I upload the image I want to appear in the facebook post (It also works for Twitter by the way) then download from Canva to my computer.

I then upload my image to facebook and Voila, a nice clean image without all the frustration!

Hope this helps 🙂
SifuBobby Premium

Is this something you ran into as well?
I had no problems until recently. It is as though FB stopped using the featured inage from the blog post as the thumbnail. Is this something on FBs end?
DBlanchard Premium
I always had problems with featured images with FB
DBlanchard Premium
The featured images only work when they want to with my page so I just gave up and create my own at least this way it saves me from all the frustrations and waste of time. It takes me a couple of minutes to create one with Canva.