I transferred contents from workfromhomeynot.com to jimspuzzles.com. Now when I try to access jimspuzzles.com I get the following message: Login and build your website in just a few clicks! I can no longer access workfromhomeynot.com from within WA, it is gone. There was not much data in either domain and I am happy to lose it all. How can I delete jimspuzzles.com from WP and then reinstall it. I am 87 years old and I think I have reached the end of my knowledge in this matter. If I can't fix this I will have to walk away from WA. Help please.

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Eugene Premium
Go to Site Domain and you can delete it there
EdwinBernard Premium
Sorry to hear about your problem. Just ask Site Support for assistance. That is what I always do when I have website issues. They are awesome and have resolves all my issues in short order.


AbieAJ Premium
You do not lose your domains until they expire.

You can go to websites, sites manager, sites domain, and delete it from there. And then reinstall it.

However I suggest you submit a ticket to site support and explain issue to them.

Hope that was helpful, do let me know if you need anything else. Have a nice day.
HotWombat Premium
Thank you to all who replied. I have posted my whine to Site Manager. Many thanks again. Much appreciated.
Adastryum Premium
Contact SiteSupport. They will fix you up.

JKulk1 Premium
This is an issue you will need to take to site support Jim. Believe me, they'll fix it.
All the best. (Another Jim )