Whilst testing the workings of the 'Leave a comment' section, I have noticed that the name & email fields retain & displays the input data from a previous session. The comment box is blank as I would expect them all to be.

My concern with this is for my readers privacy & security, especially if they use a public pc for example to post a comment. With this happening someone else could easily post a comment impersonating them too.

I can't find any settings that control those fields.

  1. Has anyone else experienced that?
  2. How can I force these fields to clear?

Many thanks

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cm2108 Premium
There isn't a problem. Your computer just keeps your details (name and email) you are using to comment on posts. Others will see only their details if they have previously commented on a post somewhere, otherwise they will see empty boxes.

So don't worry, everything is fine!

BrigitteB Premium
Thanks for your feedback Gus. But that's just my point that a computer remembers input of last user. What about people who share computers privately or in a public library for example?

I would rather have my comments section wipe out the contacts details after submitting their comment so they are not visible & should they want to comment again as they input the autofill option pops up. Is there a way to do this?
cm2108 Premium
Hi again Brigitte, sorry but I missed your reply ... Well, you can adjust your security settings and let your computer know that you don't want it to remember anything, history, autofill, usernames & passwords. It's totally up to you. Usually, in public places / networks the computers don't keep the history. My suggestion is to always clean up the history, including all your ... footprints when you use a public network. It's just a click that worths a lot!