It's probably past my bedtime, lol, but I need to know...
When I create an Elementor Optin landing page, do I :
Change my settings so the landing page comes up first (change out for home page, or??)
Or add to the main menu?

I've got a page all dressed up, but nowhere to go...!

What can you tell me?


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lesabre Premium
Hi Rudy, wish I could help, but I am sure Trublu has you covered. I personally use a Static page.

Best wishes,
1Rudy1 Premium
Yeah, I use a static page as well. I wondered if need to make the landing page my new 'home page'. I just got online here and are reading through the replies...grin. Thanks for yours...!
Triblu Premium
Hey Rudy,

Yes, it must be because you're so tired... check out the screen print below...

Hope you find this helpful.
1Rudy1 Premium
Yeah, tired for sure...grin.
I will change the settings as I thought I may need to make the landing page first thing you see.

Laertes Premium
I don't use elementor 1Rudy1 but I will try it soon. Thanks for the share, I will surely learn a lot from your situation and it will be a sort of reminder for me.
Hope it will be over soon.

1Rudy1 Premium
I really like Elementor. They are easy to use, and the free version offers quite a few options.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
I'd say really depending what you are offering, is it just a standard opt in a newsletter. Or pdf download or some other CTA.

We have Elementor pro , middle tap you can redirect however you want.

But of course you'd have to have your thank you or download page etc

Also if you are a Aweber or other email marketing arrangement, it lists whatever choices software does.
1Rudy1 Premium
Yeah, I didn't make that clear, did I?...see, was very tired...grin.

What do you mean by 'middle tap'?

I created an opt-in for a PDF download. I plan on using Mail Chimp for now. Will set that up today.

I DO have an Aweber account with a list built for a different website, but as a free member, I can only create one list, without upgrading.

I use Elementor Pro, along with GeneratePress Pro. They both work well together.
Villageist Premium Plus
This is useful to me, have same situation.