How do I get back into "How to Build my Website"

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loriann Premium
Ask away! What a great community there is here. We all wanna reach out and help one another. Gotta love WA! :)
Kav Premium
Other people are probably thinking of the same but haven't bothered to ask. Nothing wrong in asking.
howmuch Premium
I like a person who asks a lot of questions, even what they themselves might think to be "basic" ones. A lot of us have those questions when we're new and when someone takes the time to ask the community jumps right in to answer, and that helps those who may have had the same question but were too shy to ask.
Jaweda2k Premium
Never ever feel bad about asking a question here. We are all in this together and sometimes you just need to ask a question to get an answer.
hart48 Premium
It keeps pulling up the website without edit so I cannot get in. I am glad you answered. I am feeling beaten because I have to ask so many things.
DarleneJones Premium
are you clicking the link with /wp-admin at the end?
richcrow Premium
Don't feel beaten - you know as well as us that you have it in you to do it, but some things just take longer to learn. Sometimes when I feel beat I grab a coffee and five minutes for me before I go back and try again. Sometimes I do something else and it soon comes back to me - memory at my age is a wonderful thing lol - never there when you want it and right with you when you move on.
tommydillard Premium
Click the center address