Hey guys I see many of you adding awesome videos in your posts. I think its time for me to get in on the action. I am doing a review soon about a kids app and saw some really great videos on youtube. I want to know can I select any video or is it a similar set up like the photos where you can only select royalty free ones. Also how do I insert a video? can anyone help?
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surenpillai Premium
A little more to my answer. A copyright infringement happens if the copyright credit is not mentioned in your post. If only the video is used and the "courtesy" part is missing or © xyz not mentioned, the person(s) can demand that the video is removed.

If you have given the credit to the person, who owns the copyright, it is extremely rare that such a demand would arise.

Especially in the case of a YouTube video, your posting it is similar to marketing for the copyright holder (or the person who originally posted it)

The only other problem would be if the original video has music, for which the copyright holder has not given you explicit written permission to post! (gemma is company in question)

Now! don't get jittery over the above text. Post your video, give the credit to the person or company mentioned. you are done.

by the way, although I am not much into pop or any such things, if I do buy anything, I avoid the name Gemma!.because of their restrictive attitude.
kholmes Premium
If you select a You Tube Video, Just click on the share button...the one that looks like a wishbone, and then copy the link that highlights below that, then just paste into your text area and save, this should do it. :))
stolly Premium
Hey Jason. I would agree with both elusian and surenpillai . Also its very easy to add the video you want to your post. Below the vid is a share symbol click it then click embed-copy highlighted code go to your post ( text mode) then paste. Publish or update and Voila!
elusian Premium
Technically yes. Although they are allowing you to share it but they retain copyright and could theoretically ask you to take a video down from your site.
surenpillai Premium
Hello Jason,
Well, I would say, you could just mention "courtesy to xyz" and that should fix it