I just tried making my first blog post - and the title isn't working? How is that even possible?

The title splits: Advice for uprooting yourself ... to:
Advice for uprooting yourse

How do I move "yourself" to the next line? I've been fighting it and it's so frustrating!

Is there an easier UI for wordpress? or Theme? The editor is so non-intuitive!

Thank you!

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nathaniell Premium
Some themes are quite complicated, so their "demo" looks great, but to achieve the same thing, you really need to work to get images, pages, and other features to look the same.

I'd recommend starting with a much simpler theme. I used to recommend some specific ones, but it's hard to keep up on which ones are updated. If you see one you like, search for it on WordPress.org to see when it was last updated, plus some reviews


Anything updated within the last few months is good. If it hasn't been updated for a year or more, it may be a security risk.

Although complicated hemes with things like sliders, tons of images images, and other unique features look cool, they tend to slow down your site and will not help much with making sales. Simple is better when it comes to reading information!

Worrying too much about design is one of the top newbie mistakes that keep people from making faster progress with their affiliate business!
feigner Premium
where are you trying to add the title - but a break to put things on the next line in html is < br/ > so put that before yourself
never had a problem with wordpress editor
classic or block editor
MarionBlack Premium
Ditch the Classic Editor plugin and use GeneratePress as your theme.
Tobey1 Premium
Yup. that's what i did and no problems. So crazy! A line break mid-word in the post title with no way to edit it. Argh.