I want to set up Google Analytics using All in one SEO. The one I see by Kyle does not reflect my 2019 Wordpress. Also I want to do multiple accounts afterward. Can this be done through All in one?

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keishalina Premium
hey hi Bill -- excellent question!

the short answer is YES! ...

did you happen to catch Jay's sessions on this very subject?

Jay did a whole month's series on it in March 2019 -- fantastic!

here's the introductory session to get going on it ...

all the best, cheerio ... :)
feigner Premium
i have had good feedback on the recent training i did you can add the newer global tag this way
good luck
jetrbby80316 Premium
Good question. Phil, is there more advanced training here on how to interpret ALL of the GA data?
feigner Premium
you can go too far into the ga data - but i think Jay did a training on it.
i tend to skim over the surface with visitors and pages and queries - trying to optimize and find new opportunities.
how far do you want to go?
Wdcope Premium
basically traffic and where from , SEO and opportunities also. thanks, I have set up one, and have several more to enable.
Will listen to Jay's in April this evening when I have more time.
feigner Premium
the overview does give you a lot of info at a glance.
but you can go into detail on where the traffic comes from - there is still a catch all where google doesn't know where it comes from- hopefully the global site tag will help with this as it is rolled out.
you can see landing pages and more importantly exit pages - are they going where you want and leaving when you let them
seo and opportunities is within search console - to see what people are searching for and what google thinks is relevant.
you can click on pages and then on query to see what keywords are on the page.
but don't get too bogged down in analyzing the data
adding other sites is the same process to both ga and search console.
worth looking at jay's training, but it is a slightly different interface.
Wdcope Premium
Thanks much appreciated
Wdcope Premium
I followed several trainings earlier, and my editor is not where they are talking about. This is the reason I thought perhaps it was based on an older version. yes this is where I accessed them.
I have put in the verbiage you did and see more. Thanks
Triblu Premium
Hey William,

In his training, the Google Tracking ID that Kyle shows you how to enter it into the All In One SEO plugin... and it is still relevant so I am confused with your saying that it does not reflect your 2019 WordPress.

Setting up Google Analytics itself, there are several newer tutorials on this published on WA. See screen print below to see how you can easily access them.

Hope you find this helpful.