Is the low-hanging keywords used for the title in the SEO?

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kmer6 Premium
Yes, as per our training, the low hanging fruit are ideal keywords because
1. They are very competition keywords.
2. You write enough content using these keywords eventually you are able to steal the higher traffic keywords from higher ranking sites, thus creating an authority site.
jvranjes Premium
Hi. The meta title is usually added automatically. But to answer you question yes, you should use it in the meta title and also in the meta description. I always design meta title and meta description manually.

The meta description is frequently ignored by Google and the same can happen with the meta title but this is more rare. So go ahead and do it every time.
Daymo Premium
HI there Simlulan

I tend to find my low hanging fruits and then use the keyword as my blog post title and have it in the context of my first paragraph.

I also list it as a keyword in the AIO Seo section of my editor when initially creating my blog post.

hope that helps
Simlulan Premium
Thank you.
MKearns Premium
The word keyword itself is an effective keyword in the right context!
Simlulan Premium
Actually, I am not sure whether the keywords found in Jaxxy is used for the title or the tags?
GrahamHod Premium
Your keyword should be used for your pare or post tiltle. In your page URL which WordPress will automatically do the first time. If you change the title you need to update this.

The keyword also needs to be in your first paragraph and last paragraph

My pow hanging fruit keywords have been my best performing pages :)

Hope this clears it up.