when I type my keyword phrase in google the keyword phrase in google, appears among the seventh result in the first page results. so am I on the first page for this particular keyword

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Bridges Premium
Yes you are..for that keyword phrase.
When you type it exactly as you entered it in your post it will always show up close to the top.
The problem is that when someone else does a search, they are not likely to use the same words in the same order.
Try searching for fewer words in your phrase and see where it appears.
Chinthaka5 Premium
oh yes thank you.yes it is a very good point
feigner Premium
does your keyword tie up with what your niche are really searching for....
looking in the hoth for keywords for your whole site it came up with a few....
but i would be looking in search console or using a keyword tracker to see what is happening....
google will test your content against numerous other articles for different keywords....this is the reason for the 'google dance'
until it finds keywords that people are clicking on and then checks for relevancy...
so it is a long process for ranking ....and not always for the keyword you are targeting...
Chinthaka5 Premium
yes, Phil, you are on track with what I want to know. yes, I have a problem what is the exact keywords that I am targeting. because I am a learner and while learning I am doing this.so I can not target separate keyword sets when I start the site. now according to my article pattern, my website is directed a certain way. but still, I am struggling to find the exit keyword set for my site. I am guessing certain keyword phrases and writing articles.

I expected from my niche is babycare problems and parenting support for the readers. What do you think ? do you think that I am heading right direction or not. still, I don't have much traffic. and still, I don't have a chance to earn with affiliate marketing.I thought of improving my traffic and then turning it into affiliate marketing. Do you think that now my site is ready? enough to earn a little amount even?

these are the burning problems with my WordPress effort these days. please guide me, friend

ParthaB Premium
Hey Chinthaka,

Just checked, it ranks no.10 on Google for me (ranking will vary depending on where in the world people are searching), so you're definitely on page one.

Great keyword too, I see you have quite clearly followed my training, LOL. Well done.

As the article is only 7 weeks old I wouldn't expect any traffic so far (perhaps 10-30 visits maximum).

However, month 3 and 4 onward you should start ranking for more keywords related to your post, thus meaning you'll receive more traffic.

The best way to check is in Google Search Console.

Go to GSC and then click on "PAGES".

Find the url for this particular post and then click on it.

Then click "QUERIES" and this will show you all the keywords you are receving impressions for.

Then click "AVERAGE POSITION" and this will show the "average ranking" of each keyword you're receiving impressions for.

However, this will increase month-after-month, i.e. you could be ranking for 10, 50, 100, etc. related keywords in 4, 6, 12 months, etc.

I've blogged about this before, as you probably know, but it's these "weird" type of keywords that typically end up producing a lot of traffic.

But, as always with SEO, this takes time.

Nevertheless, the fact that you're ranking on page one after 7 weeks for the main phrase is a good sign, and I can see you ranking for many related phrases in the coming months.

I've noticed there's some great keywords in the "Why Does My Baby" Autosuggest.

I've just found this one for you:

Why Does My Baby Drag One Leg While Crawling?

Forums and Q&A sites on page one = Easy Rankings!!! You're Welcome, LOL.

Plus, I've done a screenshot below of some of the "funnier" ones, but you'll need to check page one competition for yourself.

But, in the meantime, fantastic job, well done.

LaraCro Premium Plus
Thanks :) Thorough explanation :) I really appreciate
Chinthaka5 Premium
Hi partha,
i am really happy that you found me while going across the thread. As you know I have experimented with your teachings after in-depth study of your posts and really understood the value of it by evidence based examples you have given. So I think now I have found the art of keywords playing their role in a blog post.

I became a writer for humans actually by this way. And I accidentally found this article was in the first page. I need to check my other many of keywords that might definitely in the first page too. Cooming to first page was my target when writing these posts at few weeks ago.

But I need to follow more tutorials on how to interpret google analytics data and GSC data to track my keywords ,finding them where they are in the google,

By writing this way I came across a little problem. that is my bounce rate became increased a little which made me embaressed.so I read about it and thought of internal linking and improve readability of my blog posts a little. but it is not progressive that much.Still I am in the process.
ParthaB Premium
Personally, I don't worry too much about bounce rate.

Plus, I don't think many people fully understand it either.

I have 2 websites, both producing a full-time income, with over 90% bounce rate.

Plus, the website in my profile, which is also prodcing a regular income has a bounce rate of over 95%.

Bounce rate measurement will only start when someone visits a second page ON YOUR WEBSITE.

So, if someone finds an article of yours and then clicks an affiliate link and makes a purchase, so that you earn an commission, this is still 100% bounce rate.

If someone reads an article of yours and clicks on an ad, so you once more earn money, this is still 100% bounce rate.

If someone reads an article and then signs up to your email list immediately afterwards, this is still 100% bounce rate.

Basically, in all these scenarios the person DID NOT visit a second page on your website, but you still earned money or received a new subscriber.

Additionally, these types of response posts, where your keyword is a question and your article is an answer, will typically have a higher bounce rate (but as you can now see this isn't always bad).

Someone can spend 2 hours on your website, but only read one article, and this will still show as 100% bounce rate.

Of course, you can keep people on your website for longer with a good internal linking strategy, and yes you should have internal links on ALL of your articles.

However, as you can see, it is perfectly feasible to earn a full-time income with a high bounce rate.

Chinthaka5 Premium
thank you again for the evidence. the things you mention here are so correct. The most important thing is I got a clear idea, of what s the bounce rate is?
thanks for the clear answer. Also I found that I have another article in first page .so I HOPE THAT IAM IN THE TRAC.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
You may check out Site Rank in Jaaxy.

You may input your keyword and domain name.

First your posts get indexed and months later down the line start getting noticed by the search engines provided targeted keywords are searchable.

They fluctuate up and down the scale till Google decides where to place them.

Not all posts will get ranked, thus the recommendation to keep updating blog 2 - 3 posts a week and that's for the foreseeable future.

AbieAJ Premium Plus
You may also like to review Kyle's resource
Chinthaka5 Premium
thanks abie
AbieAJ Premium Plus
You're very welcome.
Lisa_Marie Premium Plus
To find out if your article/post is on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo head over to the Research tab> SiteRank> and then you can input your keyword and your website and hit search.

This will tell you if your ranking on the first page for that keyword or phrase.

Keep up the great work!
Chinthaka5 Premium
Lisa_Marie Premium Plus
Your welcome hun.