Hi there! Just wanted to see if anyone else is having an issue of having their websites really slow? Here is my website:


I was away for a week, and today was really the first day opening my website and trying to reply to comments and posting new posts. I realized though that the website is becoming really slow - even the back end (Wordpress dashboard) is really slow. It is making it difficult to work through.

I'd love to hear suggestions if anyone else have faced similar issues or know how to solve this problem. Thanks y'all! :)

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DynamicDavid Premium
Sounds like one for WA site support.
ParmiAryal Premium Plus
Cool! Thanks for the note David!
CalvinC Premium
I can't access your website, but yesterday I deleted a website and reinstall it clean, but I can't access the dashboard and this morning I was able to access it but only with the WP Admin login, not with the Login within WA.

I also create another website yesterday with a new domain and that one works as usual.

Perhaps you should try to access your website from the WP Login, see if you can access your website.

If nothing work, wait 1 day or 2 and contact their support if need.

Good Luck and Happy New Year.
ParmiAryal Premium Plus
Thanks for the feedback Calvin! It is starting to get faster starting today. I updated my plugins too - perhaps, this was what was making the website slow. I'll be sure to contact support if I ever need in the future.
miamibeach7 Premium
Everything is slow at the moment...

I am not sure what it is...
Have a great HAPPY NEW YEAR!
ParmiAryal Premium Plus
Thanks for the quick reply Tom! Yes, I noticed. Even WA at times is running really slow. Hopefully this is taken care of soon :)
Happy New Year to you too!