I'm on wordpress...im terrified but i want to do it anyway! Is adding a forum difficult and complicated? I

I've developed www.growchurch.net in last 3/4 days and really happy with progress so far, but the niche really suits a forum as its all about sharing ideas with one another. I created a FB Group today but really need a forum.

Many thanks for any help or suggestions in advance! :)

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lottech1 Premium
if your using wordpress then give bbpress a shot its what im using and its pretty good. not as good as phpbb forums but it is ery functional and dont need ftp access to install
techhound Premium
Hey Simon,

If your web hosting supports CPanel, you have what you need. Just go to Fantastico and look for options for bulletin boards. It's usually a couple of steps via a wizard and it's ready to go.

If you don't have cpanel access, you still can download and install it from a site like:


But you will need the ability to create a database and a admin user for that database. If there is no provision (like hosting here at WA) you may need to put in a support ticket and ask how to go about getting a database created (if it's even allowed).

Best Regards,