In my blog I have the words" Thank you for using worpdress"? Right in the middle and as I scroll up and down it move independently, I do not know how it got there but I would like to get rid of it, does anyone know how to do that that maybe has experienced this?

Thank You;


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maray07611 Premium
thanks but still have the same issue on the wordpress
HelenpDoyle Premium
Have you asked Help Center, Site Support?
HelenpDoyle Premium
This message is most likely to be a default written into the theme. I did a web post on how to remove these. Now Remember this might not be your issue. If it is it will be on a post. I have also included tidying up your pages. Images are attached.

Go to Posts, All Posts (Image 10)

Ready to start on fixing Posts and Pages. You bet you are. Both of these come with some defaults. These need to be trashed or you get some totally out of context information. The next two Images 10 and 11 are treated the same way. Just the messages change.

The Post default in my theme is the 'Hello World'. Now that sounds a bit corny in anyone’s words. Not a necessary statement.

This is a two part action. Firstly trash it. The garbage bin now has one item. But we don't need it at all so secondly click on Trash and in the Bulk Actions Delete it Permanently. Viola, no more rubbish.

Go to Pages, All Pages (Image 11)

Now to trash the Page defaults (Image 11). There are two defaults with the Pages the Privacy Policy and the Sample Page.

You will need a Privacy Policy but you will do this as a separate page, later on, for your own personal use. The Sample Page is also an unnecessary article.

Again this is a two part action but slightly different as there are two items to trash.

Firstly trash them. The garbage bin now has two items. Then to permanently delete them click on Title to open both pages and tick both boxes. Then open Bulk Actions and Delete Permanently.

Don't forget to ‘Apply’ the Bulk Action’.
BenjisDad Premium Plus
depends on your theme. some free themese are annoying and wont let yuo edit much. so do a search for yruo theme name on youtube and see if they have a help forum or something