Hi there
I am stuck in building the website!
It seems like no one can help or is answering. Not even Help center

My problem is, i have add a image in my post but it is not displaying it in the homepage.

When i am in my homepage and all of my posts are displayd in generall i can't see the images related to the posts. It reads; Image not found!

But when i click the actual post to read the all content, there i see the image.

please see link below; the first one is when you click on the content to read it al, there you see the image but the second one is in the homepage and there you dont see the image!



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JeffreyBrown Premium
I think Mike might have you covered below!

mday849 Premium
it's easy to add the featured image.
mday849 Premium
Go to the post and then on the right hand side it will say add features image
mday849 Premium
It should look like this click where it says featured image and add one there.