Hello Good People,

In the settings part of the "All In One SEO Plug-In" for Wordpress, it says that for the title of an article, 60 characters is the maximum that should be used. I have not come across this mentioned by Kyle in the training in a profound way so far, and was wondering how important sticking to that rule was for attaining high search rankings.

My problem is that after finding appropriate keywords in Jaaxy, most of them are the bulk of the 60 characters limit - but equally, most of them need to be customised at least a bit to make a decent sounding title. I don't want to go over the quota of 60 characters if this is a big deal, but obviously need to make an article title sounds real - have any of you experts got any inside advice on the right course of action here?

Thanks In Advance - SIMON

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Aussiemuso Premium
Try to create 4 to 5 word titles. If you Google your ideal title you will be able to see what is grabbing attention the best. Above all it must make sense.

Lily 😊
affilicoach Premium
It's not a big deal in my opinion Simon, I go over the 60 character mark all the time.

The main "take away" from the lesson, is to make sure you include your keyword phrase in the title as this is where you will get the biggest "bang" for your "SEO buck" in terms of ranking.

Keep in mind that Google will only show a snippet of your title (if you run over the number of characters), so be sure to include you keyword phrase earlier in your title as opposed to later.

Also, keep in mind that you need to craft your title for people to click through and not to merely rank on the first page.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hello from Nottingham! When Google displays your title, it tends to cut off anything after 60 characters, so it won't be displayed in full.