I am about to add my siterubix.com banner to one of my pages, I understand where to put the actual code, but I don't understand what code I add to (enter id tracking) where it says regenerate plug in code?

What code goes in there to track it?

Thank you


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jvranjes Premium
I assume you want siterubix banner with your affiliate code. Go to WA Affiliate program, Links and Tracking, and you will see SiteRubix plugin code with your affiliate link already embedded.

You can (but you do not have to) add something in the tab and then generate a code. The word you add will appear in the code, check it and you will see. This is only to track later and to know from which particular link your referral came. So you can experiment, put the banner high in the sidebar and then follow the number of referrals (if any), then if not happy with the outcome, put somewhere else and track again. That should be the idea.
blubutterfly Premium
Awesome, thank you so much for making that a little clearer for me, I now understand. much appreciated :)