I have a little button that appears in the bottom right hand side of the screen for a visitor to click on to bring them back to the top of the post. The problem is people are not noticing it and I had a few enquiries already why I don't have one.

It looks like a white square and when you scroll your cursor on top of it it the arrow appears black.

What I want is for that arrow to be always black so it will stand out. Can anyone help?

Check my recent post http://whatisinireland.com/the-marble-arch-caves-possibly-europes-most-unique-cave-system to see what I am talking about, you will need to scroll half way down before it appears.

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WKnoepp Premium
If it's important to you and you don't understand the css code, then spend a five dollar bill and have a Fiver tech do it for you. It can save you a lot of headaches.
bazboy247 Premium
You need to get into the CSS code which is called the style sheet, be careful what you do in here it can break you theme
Make sure you know what your doing before you change any CSS code

Chris2005 Premium Plus
This would be a code change. Best to be done in a child theme so you do not have to do it every time you have an update to theme.
Find your back to top button in your style CSS in the Apperance, Editor and change color code number.
Same as this link, different item. John
NicoleJBN Premium
Hi Jason,

you can change the color within the CSS code because all it is, is changing the color hex code. What theme is it? Is it "Travelify" from Colorlib?

I can look into it and find in the code where it can be changed. If you're familiar with coding, then I'd just show you where to apply the change. Don't worry if not. I'll just write you a little tutorial then. :)

Looking forward to your answer.

All the best,
davyrobot Premium
Hi Jason! -

How are you?

Your website looks very established -- Do you really feel that this is affecting the number of visitor visiting your site -- Or the time they are spending on it?