I have now had 2 customers contact me saying when they order a product off my page and when they come to the page where they have to fill out the form with their private info like billing/shipping addresses, name, etc the form is already filled out with another of my customer's private information.

Paypal says it is NOT on their end as on their end the billing and shipping, etc is correct.

So that leaves WordPress and Woocommerce.

Of course Woocommerce has NO way that I know of to contact them when something this serious is taking place. All I can do is send in a support request and they say they will be in touch in 24 hours or so.

In the case of crossing customer's private data 24 hours is unacceptable.

Would anyone in WA know how I can get in touch by phone direct with someone at Woocommerce?

I contacted WA support, but they tell me they tried adding something to a cart and had no issue. My customers however, are having an issue and they are very concerned that my Woocommerce store is not protecting their private data.

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, I would also go over process from a different browser logged in as a customer and test processes are in working order in addition to checkouts vis Android and iPhones.

Hope you get it resolved sooner.
LykkeTil Premium
Thanks! I did that and when I tried ordering no other customer's info showed up. It appears to be limited so far to about 10 customers.

Thanks for your input AbieAJ!
magistudios Premium Plus
Hi Dave,

I would try hitting them up on social media.

Or send them a message via their contact page:

Most digital companies now don't have phone numbers to call for support as most of the solutions are available through their online support portal.

LykkeTil Premium
True but their response time is pitiful when I have a number of customers contacting me to tell me they are seeing private data of other customers when they go to the checkout page. Plus emails I am sending from the Woocommerce order detail pages of one customer are being received by customers they were not intended to go to.
As a result of poor response I have had a number of these concerned customers ask for a refund and stated they will not order again due to the issue.
LykkeTil Premium
P.S. Thank you for your reply Jay!