When I first entered my new domain name, I entered an apostrophe in the name since the name includes an apostrophe. I got a message saying I couldn't do that so I deleted it and entered it again without the apostrophe. I think the system is still recognizing the apostrophe even though its no longer there because I continue to get the same message every time I try to enter it. What do I do?

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lesabre Premium
Do you have an option to clear out previous history of the site with the apostrophe. Good luck
firstlearn Premium
You may need to clear your cache.

YanFellow Premium
This is not in WA, is it? 'Cause I think WA ignores apostrophes and looks for the domain without it, Eg, if you looked for boots's it would search for boots. Yeah, poor example :-)

If it's not through WA, refreshing the browser should help.
juanster2017 Premium
Try a different browser
Triblu Premium
Hey Nancy,

Refresh your browser and go back and try registering your domain name again. Please come back here and let me know if that works. I'll be waiting to hear from you.

Hope this helps you.
nsilva2270 Premium
I just shut down the website, went and made dinner and came back and tried again. It worked this time. Maybe, like me, the computer needed some downtime. LOL
Triblu Premium
LOL, that sounds like it may have been the case Nancy!

Thank YOU for letting me know you have been successful at registering your website now.

Don't forget to turn on the Site SSL certificate... and install the SSL plugin: