So I have spent hours over the last few days investigating my issue with no joy. I've read countless posts & watched several videos (including Jay's recent WAbinars re SSL) in the hopes they would give me the solution to my specific issue.

I successfully converted one of my sites to https a couple of weeks ago.
I usually view my site by clicking a link from the WP Admin area, so never really thought about the following ...

Normally when you type in a domain name (with extension eg: .com , but without http or www) in chosen browser it takes you to the site, right?

The other day I did that with my domain & it came back "Not Found"!!! Well I was surprised as it always worked before I converted to https.

After a while it dawned on me that it might be to do with the https, so I typed in the https url & hey presto it appeared. But that defeats the object, not many people are going to know to type in the https & not the http. I was expecting the browser to automatically take me to https & not http.

Through my research it seems I should have submitted my http domain to Webmaster Tools before changing to https - I didn't.
I haven't for https either.

My issue:
In view of the above how do I get browsers to automatically go to my https domain?

Many thanks for your help :)

ps: not sure what classroom I should have chosen for this question


Update 18th April 2017

Found a plugin that by all accounts should have solved the issue & worked for others.

Sadly it didn't. On testing in browsers I got error saying something like "indefinite redirect - cannot be resolved". I also lost access to my WP Admin area.


** Contact Support **

Within minutes of submitting my ticket they fixed it all.

They removed the plugin for me

I had access to my WP Admin area

On testing browsers http is being redirected to https (not sure what support did for this as they haven't said)

Hope this helps those of you encountering the same issue :)

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MarionBlack Premium
It may not be the issue you think it is. It could be a caching problem.
Did you try using a different browser?
Have you asked anyone else to try?
What is your website's URL so I can try it for you?
BrigitteB Premium
Hi Marion,

Yes I have tried different browsers which I rarely use, after encountering this issue on google (my go to browser).

No I haven't asked anyone else yet.

I'll pm you.
Thanks :)