Hey everyone, happy new year to you all, I have had a very busy xmas and new years with family here and weddings, was awesome but I am exhausted!!

But ready to get back into it, my question is how do you stop a fixed widget that I have in my sidebar from scrolling straight over my footer once I get to bottom of page? Does anyone have any clues for me?

Thanks Justine

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Jozeph Premium
Hey Justine :)

I'm guessing it's a floating social widget right?
If you go into your WP panel, then open the installed social widget, you should find an area where you can enter how far from the header and footer do you want your widget to go . It's usually measured out in pixels. You might have to experiment with it a little, to get it to stop right where you want.
Have a great New Year :)
blubutterfly Premium
Awesome thank you so much Jozeph, and dido to you too for 2016 :)