I've lost my font... How can I get it back?

My theme had a font I like & could use for headings but it did not show up in the page/blog editor 'Font Family' which I also wanted to be able to use occasionally for emphasis within my content.

My theme has a font manager which I thought would help me add it to the 'Font Family' alas it has stripped my fonts characteristics so now it doesn't display as it originally did. Can't see any 'undo' possibility.

So what are my options to get that font back as it was?

I have considered re-installing the theme as I can't find a way to reset it to it's original default settings.

Any thoughts / ideas to best resolve this?

Many thanks

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floridajf Premium
You could always switch themes as well and install a font adding plugin, I'm sure this will help. Or maybe if you switch to a different theme and then switch back to the original one that you are using now, you'll be able to add it back.
BrigitteB Premium
Haven't read the above link yet, but will look into that too. ;)
Before posting the 2 questions I did quiet a bit of research but didn't get to what you've supplied me with.

On the switching of themes idea, read that it didn't always work but will probably try it as a last resort.

Ok so going to get stuck into all this info you've kindly hooked me up with & see what works for me.

Thanks again Floridalma.
floridajf Premium
Your welcome :D