how can I create a new category on my main menu, without the landing page being nothing?

how do I make my posts, which are also the sub menu items, scroll on my landing page for that category?

When I click the menu button, the landing page says "nothing found" or "page not found" and I can only get to my posts through the drop down menu.

I want them to scroll as I put them there on the landing page.

Help please! Thanks in advance!

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LMH1968 Premium
Great question and great answer
Francisco97 Premium
I think Chrys provided link is what you are looking for just check it out first. thanks for sharing and raising your question. Have a great day...
ChrystopherJ Premium
Do you mean like in this post/training, but using your own categories?
heavensaroma Premium
Thank you so much Chrys! This is exactly what I was looking for! I had all my categories set up already, just needed to get my posts on the scroll. This was perfect! My site is now exactly what I wanted!

Thank you!