I want to add a featured image to my posts because I have heard it can boost Google rankings and it seems cool in a blog roll.

But I don't want that a featured image shows up in the beginning of the post. How can I remove it there without removing it totally? I tried "hide featured image" plugin but it didn't work.

Please anyone? :)

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RoopeKiuttu Premium
well, I think that the easiest way will be to buy a new theme :D
MKearns Premium
You could try an image blocking plugin on the theme Roopke
jvranjes Premium
It does look good in the blog roll, but I do not see how it can boost ranking. If it is only about ranking do not waste time.

I think Shooting Star theme allows you to switch it off/on independently for these two places.

Another option: add a small image manually in the first paragraph on the right and use "Read more" below that. So it will be in the blog roll. This can be annoying to do if you want to make them all the same size.
nathaniell Premium
This depends on the theme. Some themes have it so the featured image shows up in the blog roll AND on the post. Others just have it on the blog roll, and vice versa. You can code it out, or in. I've changed this before, but always hired a coder to do it for me (upwork.com)
LRenee Premium
What theme are you using? Each theme is different. It may be that your theme doesn't have the option to suppress a featured image at the top of the post. If that, it would likely mean modifying the css file. That's beyond my knowledge though.