Hi Guys,

I went through all the training until the end of level 4. I wanted to know how everything worked first instead of writhing blogs for no reason.

Now i know because of the training how to make money and my nice is baby/kids sneakers. I want to make a website that most popular sneakers come together and people can then select.

But now i was trying and playing a bit in WordPress and i am stuck. I cannot add the images the right way like a real web shop should look like. I don't know if its the theme or if i am doing something wrong.

Still got the main website from the training and was planning to go live when my website was all good to go. So i got no website to show you guys its just empty right now.

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Serratinio Premium
i found a example for what i want to make. The video's you guys send me helped, but i am still a n bit dazed. This is my website for now: https://lil-sneakers.siterubix.com/

And this is what i want to make sort of, easy and simple. Just that people can see if they like a shoe and lead them to the seller like, Nike or JD sports.

Example links:

But more products next to each other like 4.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - as Bianca has said, you need a plug in. Have you actually applied to the Affiliate Programs selling the products you want to add?
Serratinio Premium
Hi Diana,

Thank you for you reply. Not yet i am still in testing mode. i want to understand wordpress for before i get the pictures. I also mentioned that my website is still in demo mode and the affiliate programs want your website also
BvVugt Premium
You’ll need an e-commerce plugin to make a shop on your site.

I think you’re going to love these trainings from Jay about building a Woocommerce site:
JeffreyBrown Premium
Thanks for posting, Bianca--I'm going to look into those as well!

Serratinio Premium

Great thank you for the videos i will check them out!