I installed a new theme called "Point" a few days ago. I really like it, and it comes with an optional "about the author" box that displays at the end of each post. Now, I can see my picture/author bio when I'm logged into WP, but the problem if I view incognito the box is blank and just says, "Author- Admin". How do I fix this problem?

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@RICH. Premium
It depends on how a theme or plugin manages this. I'd recommend you go to the theme developer's site and look for FAQs or tutorials. WordPress officially uses the Gravatar service http://www. gravatar.com for author pics. in comments, etc. There's some information on the integration here: http://codex.wordpress.org/How_to_Use_Gravatars_in_WordPress :) Rich.
wendyjane Premium
Thanks Rich. I do have a gravatar account and photo set up.

Apparently, it is displaying properly for the posts I've written in the past month - but for all the posts before that it is just blank and says, "Admin" ?? Lol...I'm not sure why.