If yo go to my site http://whatisinireland.com/ and go to a post, you will notice if you click an image it will bring you away to a different page away from my site, how do I stop this?
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MarionBlack Premium
When you insert your pictures just make sure that the 'Link to' shows 'None' otherwise it links to the image itself on a blank page. It's also a good idea to reduce the size of your images before uploading them so that your website loads faster. ~Marion
Larry MaC Premium
He has the answer for you. Good luck
TheOldSilly Premium
Yeah - what GFHaze said ...
GFHaze Premium

Greetings to you, here is a video from Jay that discusses all aspects of using images on your site.
Effective Use of Images in Content

Direction of clickable links for anything on your site is controlled by the URL's you place within the editing fields of each image.
Pay special attention to the alt. tag information it will help your Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) a good deal.

I hope this helps, I have also done a 6 piece post series on SEO from Google feel free to check it out, my site is in my bio.

My best,

michaal Premium
When inserting image to the post, look for "Attachment Display Settings". You'll see "Link To" and little drop down menu next to it. Choose "None".