I just find out my site is not mobile-friendly; How to make my site mobile friendly? Can you help?

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htruong11 Premium Plus
Have you tried running Pagespeed Insight? It'll give you a break down of what's slowing your site down on mobile and desktop. It's a good tool to see if your site is optimize for mobile. Hope that helps and good luck!
chivs86 Premium
Hi, One tip is to keep your paragraphs short.

So, for example on the desktop screen have no more than 4 lines to a paragraph because once that paragraph is read on a mobile screen it may be 8 lines or even more. That will definitely make it more friendly - I don't know about page speed etc. I still have trouble here myself in respect to mobile site.
1Rudy1 Premium
What is it that troubles you?
CPapin Premium
Insal the pluging WPtouch Mobile Plugin
ChrisJayyy Premium Plus
change your theme
philmedia Premium Plus
Choosing a mobile responsive theme is ideal something like generate press the speeds are awesome and 60 of my traffic is mobile! You will get plenty of good ideas here including when you publish check mobile first to see how it looks good luck ....