I have just completed writing my latest article but when I checked in the WordPress dashboard there's still an error on readability

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Bridges Premium
Isabelo, I have found that WordPress tries to correct some things that aren't really wrong. Even in going through college there were English Professors who could not agree on everthing about punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure.
Here in the U.S. it can depend on which segment of the nation you were brought up in. What reads well to one person may not to another.
My advice is, if it looks right to you and WordPress doesn't agree, just ignore it.
Bootcamp20 Premium
I often wonder that when we have issues posting are blogs, it always seem to be something to do with Paragraphs and the way we edit our Articles. Will have to pay close attention to such issues.
lesabre Premium
Hi Isabelo, You can also add Grammarly to your browser. This will check for punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure. Try the free version first.

Best wishes,
JJordie Premium Plus
Grammarly is awesome.
emarla Premium
I totally agree! Go with Grammarly!
Newydd105 Premium
Readability, often refers to the way you have written your blog. Maybe sentences are too long. Paragraphs a too big. It can be how you have written the blog.
Simply change a few sentences by editing your article where necessary.
YvonneBray Premium
Hi you can go into your back office on Wordpress, go into posts and click on the post that needs editing. Find and fix your error and save by pressing publish.

You will need to refresh your browser to see the change online. I hope this helps you.
Elke63 Premium
Thanks for your advice I will do that

IsabeloJ3 Premium
Great advice Yvone thank you very much.