Hi there, I created another post last night, but woke up thinking OMG I think I accidentally created it as a page. I have also added it to dropdown menu. How can I change it to a post and when I do will this effect drop down too? :)

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Larry_T Premium
Looks like you have gotten a lot or great responses.
Shawn Martin Premium
I can help you with that Read the comments for directions. It works for both pages to posts and posts to pages

This training will show you how to assign it to the drop down menu
Make sure the page has not been indexed before you go trashing it. It usually takes a while, but not always. Sometimes it gets indexed very quickly. If it has, do the copy and paste thing, but on the page, set up a re-direct from there to the post. I know this may seem redundant, but just removing the page doesn't mean it will de-index just like that.

This way, Google will also follow the re-direct and the post will get credit. After you set up the re-direct, you can delete the content on the page if you would like, but do leave the page itself because the re-direct is on that page as well.

After a couple weeks or so, you should be safe to delete the page. The re-direct will delete with it automatically.

If the page has not yet been indexed, you will be safe to just copy, paste, and when you have it on the post, delete the page.
tomtitty006 Premium
Just copy and paste it then,take off the page under appearance and menu and make a new post,paste the article into it and then save.
essmeier Premium
Use a Wordpress plugin called "convert post types." It works well and it's easy to use.

It's here:

judebanks Premium
Yes, it is good for converting multiple pages or posts. I find the post switcher plugin easier when ti comes to just converting one page or post. ~Jude