I'm stuck guys. I have multiple issues now. I can't proceed. It is difficult to find tutorials that fits my theme. I changed the theme into GeneratePress, which was suggested by someone, it supports mobile friendly usage. I would like to have a photo in the top of my webite, just like the themes have in the examples. I don't know how to do this, it sounds stupid but there's not a widget or something that makes this possible.

The other thing is how to add a few sentences on the top of my articles, informing visitors of getting commission on the links in my blogs. I can't play the tutorial which has been suggested for me to watch. I cleared cache and resterted my computer.

Thanks again.

A frustrated teacher with no time to search for things.


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JeffreyBrown Premium
Some good answers here, Clemont!
DaveBuckley Premium
Go to YouTube, I just looked and found a tutorial
YvonneBray Premium
Sounds like you now have answers below. All the best, hope you have it fixed soon.
skmorrow Premium
Sounds like you want a Featured Image. I use images that are 1024x536 for my featured image in GeneratePress.

If you are using the block editor, you can access the featured image on the right-hand side of the WP menu.

As for the disclosure you want to add to the top, that's a little more tricky. You need to add an Element/Hook. You can find this under Appearance>Elements in WP.

Let me know if you need more help.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Please review below links for you second bit I wouldn't do which one is that, however if you do have ad blocker, you need allow WA to play videos

If that's not applicable, try play in a different browser or kindly let us know what it is. And then we would check it out for you.