I'm wanting to choose a different theme and this feature provides limited choices.

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QAVAVO Premium
Changing themes can be problematic at times.
davehayes Premium
Having read the question, I'm not sure I totally understand what your asking, can you clarify, unless its about the theme, in which case you can change the theme as many times as you want, but when you do, make sure you delete the ones you don't want to use, so it doesn't slow load speed
Laurel0887 Premium
Good AND safe info........

leoemery Premium
You can change your theme at anytime, when doing a big change like this be sure to back up your site. I also suggest creating a test site - this way you can test everything from new themes to plugins on your test site.

This way it makes no difference if things screw up it's not happening on your live site. You can get things right on your test site that way when you change things on your live site things go smoothly.

You can use one of you free site rubix sites for a test site.