I installed Elementor and it messed up my site. I don`t have the technical know-how to use Elementor, I thought it`ll be like other WP then I`ll learn as I go but that`s not the case.

So, I found someone (a freelancer)who can straighten things out. Now she asked to be let in as Admin on my site(she can`t work on my site if she can`t go to the admin area).

Now I feel very uncomfortable with this, she can basically lock me out you know.

What`s the safest way to let someone into the admin area without them messing with the site or just locking me out from my site?

Doing it on my own is really not an option, I'm a non-techie and after a hard long day at work offline, I really don`t want to be messing around with something I don`t understand and in the worst case, mess things even more.

Thanks for your advice and answer

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JJordie Premium Plus
I like Labmans answer. At least you know this person is very trustworthy. I would follow labman's advice if I need to fix a mess in my sites. Best of luck to you.
roamy Premium Plus
will go look for the guy now
Nuggetz Premium
You can control the permissions that you give inside your wordpress settings. But I dont know what exactly they need to do, so perhaps they WILL need to access it as an admin. But I would be wary of who you let in. So I hope you get some experienced peoples answers here.
Good Luck!
roamy Premium Plus
thanks I appreciate.
Labman Premium Plus
I would recommend that you give David58 a PM. He is trustworthy and knows his way around any issues that you might have.
roamy Premium Plus
I really appreciate this,thanks so much.