I have applied and installed it and it show a block in my post and says that I need to go to Adsense Admin to get my ad code so they can put the ads in my posts! But when I go there they don't explane what to do so now I'm stuck. Can anyone help me?

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Prana-Elite Premium
I used the Quick Adsense plugin and it works great. This may help.
marijaku1 Premium
Hi Nick,
adsence will take about a day or two to activate ,google will activate the ads. No worries.
What you need to do is create the ad,
by creating i mean go on my ads,
click create-ad new-
and chose the format you want them to show in,
i usually make them pink just to match them with my web site background color.
Save and get code-
as soon as you click that,
you will get a code, copy that code and paste it somewhere on your web site.
Choose a text-or post- and paste....don't expect absence to show asap, google will activate absence in about 24 hours or so.
It may look like a blank space first, oh, i almost forgot...don't use it as a widget ... you may try it if you want to , but it won't show. I use the ads in texts only.
My advice,
name the ads with a good name, name accordingly to your content, and you will get Good Ads that will attract people to click...
The only reason i can think of why you are getting error is you are trying to fit the ads in a tight space between text,or you might of clicked a key and separated the code somehow...
Leave some blank space between the words in you text, and adsence code, and see what will happen when you paste the code...
hope you get it resolved...
Good Luck Nick!
NickWild Premium
I don't know how to get the ads? My Ads where do I find that? There is a place to put the code, that is not the problem its getting the code?