I'm wanting to add slick looking pros and cons tables to my review posts.

How do you make yours?

I currently have tablepress installed, which I'm using for other tables, has anyone had any success making a cool pros and cons table using tablepress? I hoping I can to avoid adding another plugin.

If you use a different plugin, what do you use?

Has anyone used the plugin from JoomDev?

Thanks everyone :)

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ricklawson Premium
You can add the wp reviews plugin .free if thats what you are looking for ?
emilyonline Premium
thank you for the suggestion, I'll have a look.
Do you use it? Do you like it?
I am aware of that plug in, but just wanting to get an idea of what other people find works well for their pros and cons before I add another plug in.
Jason T Premium
I think Jerry Huang is the man to help you with this one. His website looks amazing and I know he will help you if you ask Try giving him a pm
emilyonline Premium
Thanks Jason, I'll send him a message :)