Hi there I'd like to put a coloured background behind my recent posts and other text widgets in the side bar of my site.
Can anyone tell me if there is an easy way to do this please?
I've read various bits of information on doing this, but am unsure if they are up to date. Is there a 1. click.... 2. click....3.....click easy way to do it?

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Crazyhaggis Premium
Thanks Dynamicdavid for the answer, looks like I’ll need to read up in my Wordpress for idiots book to learn about adding code and then follow your instructions.
I was hoping there might be an easier way that I didn’t know about. Thanks for clarifying.
DynamicDavid Premium
You do not need to read a book for this. I have assumed that you already have some experience of using WordPress and / or you are following either the Getting Started/Certification course or the Affiliate Bootcamp course here, and that you already are some distance into it (practical stuff as well as the theory stuff).

Go into your WordPress Dashboard, select Appearance from the menu on the left side, select widgets.

Drag "Custom HTML" from the left hand side over to one of the sidebar options. Whichever sidebar your WP theme is using. Usually the one that already has some widgets in it and you know is working.

Paste my content into the content box in the new widget and click the save button.

Then open up your website. You should see this new widget.

Then back to your widget and change the 'code' to the way you want it.
davehayes Premium
DynamicDavid has the answer it looks like
DynamicDavid Premium
See attachment.

Add that code into your widget and then modify for your specific requirements.

The stuff after the div style is case sensitive. It may not work in the expected way if you mix with upper case. Also the ":" and the ";" are important, do not mix them up.

This was grabbed from working code and modified, so the code should work as is.
newmarketpro Premium
You have to use a bit HTML and/or CSS for to have that effect. It's quite challenging because we don't see the site.