I know i need to copy the Database and files but i don't know exactly how to do that, especially the database part. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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Dominic82 Premium
WA is perfect but it is just too expensive, that's why members run away and host their domine somewhere else - that's just my opinion
CoachEd Premium
I see you have received your answer --Great --I will PM you something on it but I think Carson knows --see-ya on the inside !!~!
traceydawn Premium
Carson - I was told the following by my developer -
"I worked alot on the website yesterday. Finally we found the issue. IF we use any custom permalinks, it is not working. If you use permalinks as Default, it is working fine. But default permalinks are not SEO friendly. We changed htaccess file. We tried to change the theme. But nothing working. It is a server side issue.

You have too many themes installed. It is eating away alot of space and resulting in slow load speed. Remove all the themes and keep one theme which you want to use.

Please contac the support of Wealthy Affiliate as they are the only one to help us.
I strongly suggest you go for any other better hosting company like hostgater."

So, I am at a loss as to what to do and was hoping I could get some input with on this. What would you suggest?
archan Premium
Looks like you get what you pay for. Buy cheap, buy twice LOL.
Carson Premium
Hi Freddy,

You can back-up your website using Plugins, and export your database to be installed on another web host but you should know that your WordPress website is not going to function well on Hostgator. It will get hacked, will have no monitoring, no backup in place, no vulnerability scanning and removal, nothing to prevent spam comment injection, the list goes on.

Hosting your website here at WA means that your website just works - you do not have to worry about anything. When you go to HG, or another web host, you're on your own with regards to keeping the site up and running. Once it gets hacked (which it will), HG will just delete it and your work will be gone.

The Premium website network that we have at Wealthy Affiliate has been built to specifically handle for all the intricacies of WordPress.

I'd urge you to stay on our hosting and continue with your Premium membership. Leaving to another web host is not recommended at all.

SoonToBeKing Premium
Thanks carson I'll look into the plug ins and take account of the security issues
Mackem Premium
As it happens I have a similar issue. I have built a site on WA for a client. I have maintained the site to date but now the client wants to access and maintain themselves. Is there a way to give them access to the site without them paying the WA membership but still paying something for hosting. I was considering moving the site to another host but if It could stay with WA it saves me the trouble.
Carson Premium
Hi Phil,

You could simply give your client access to the back end of their website so they can log in and manage it. As long as you have your membership here at WA, the site will be hosted and kept running on the network.

As I mentioned to Freddy, moving to a web host that does not have a specialized network for WordPress is going to end up causing a lot of problems for the owner if they move the site away from WA.

Specialized WordPress web hosting out there can cost upwards of $100's a month to host your site. HG / Godaddy, and all of the Vanilla hosting companies out there cannot handle WordPress and the many Intricicies.

WordPress.com its self is VERY limited with what they allow folks to install. We are far more flexible here at WA that WordPress.com :)

lmwhite Premium
I disagree. I have run wordpress websites on hostgator for several years and have never gotten hacked.
johnnysg Premium
Personally, my thought is, hacking can happen to any hosting company. Be it WA or HG. Both sites offered backup. The question is, if thing really happened, how can the support help, and if the so call "backup" exist, how many days of data will be lost. I am still new to WA hosting, so I can't speak much about it. I have bad experience on HG hosting. Not one but many. That's why I have moved my sites to another hosting company. Most of my sites are hosted there now. I just setup a new site and host it at WA. I will continue to monitor, and consider if I will to use both hosting or just move all my sites to WA to save cost.
godonthemove Premium
there hosting want let you do a cron job to get azon authority
nabilex Premium
So what now, have you moved all your sites to WA?