Hello all me again,

Ive got an error up on my menu section.....is it because there are too meaning heading on my home page. if so how can I make that page a side heading on my home page? as I want it to be visible on my home page. thanks in advance.

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StefanC Premium
I don't know why you have this error that says invalid menu items. Are you still getting this error? If you want to create a menu on your sidebar, you have to create a new menu and add this menu as a widget (appearance > Widgets).
here a great tutorial:
Daniiket Premium
YAH....thanks ive sorted it. not 100% sure why it cme up but I added it again to the list and its all fine so just deleted that error one. thanks again as it was bugging me as I want to do the feedback task but until that was done I did not want to.
Daniiket Premium
I don't think I have deleted it....I deleted a similar named page will check I have not deleted the wrong one. I'm still very I.T alien URL?
Triblu Premium
Hey Danielle,

Did you drag and drop your menu item that is showing as being the issue?

If you created a custom URL you may have used a wrong address.

Have you solved this issue yet?
Loes Premium
Have you deleted this page? Are you sure you have used the right URL
olster79 Premium
Phase two, lesson seven of the affiliate boot camp has a good video which should help you with this.