I could use a little help friends. I am trying to remove the date and uncategorized from my homepage. Is there a specific plugin that I need to use for this theme? I have been getting a little frustrated with something that seems so simple. Thanks everyone for your input!

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mergie1 Premium
The only way I got Rid of uncategorized was to name it something else.
dianegailit Premium
I did that but I just did not like how it looked, and wanted to get rid of both that and the date.....so for now, I just made my Let's Get Started page my homepage.
AlexSol Premium
Diane, some themes do not allow you to remove the date (but many others do).
You can also do a search for plugins that allow you to do so ;)
dianegailit Premium
I did a search for plugins, and tried one, but it did not work. I will check and see if there is another one that might work. I really wanted to have a home page, but as an alternative I can use one of my pages as my home. Thanks again for your advice!
PLH Premium

The homepage is usually the blog roll page and will always show the date and a category. Your most current post will appear here.

When you write your post you can assign a category to it. Uncategorized is the default category. I don't know if unchecking the uncategorized category box on your post, will cause it to be blank on the page or not.

Or you can make one of your "pages" be the homepage.

By going into the "settings", "reading" in your wordpress dashboard, you can specify a page you have published as your homepage(Front page) . With a page instead of post as your homepage, there will not be a date or a category.

dianegailit Premium
Thank you Pat. I tried taking off uncategorized & date, and had no success. It is still showing up as November, 2015 and uncategorized.

I will take your advice and make one of my pages the homepage. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again!