I've built my website and and still in the process of creating some good content. I've written 2 blog posts thus far, but it looks a little bland. The background is just white, and I feel that it is not very attractive to look at. Here is the website btw:

Any suggestions/feedback will be much appreciated! Thank you so much guys!

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AlexO1 Premium
This is my own opinion. But when I clicked on your site, I saw the back of someone's legs. To me, it was unappealing. That is my personal preference though.

You could add images on the side bar, a twitter feed, and videos if you like. Your site is still in its early stages.
ParmiAryal Premium Plus
Noted. Now I look back at my website, it does look a little odd seeing a back of someone's leg right off the bat. I'll try to update that. Appreciate the feedback Alex!
AlexO1 Premium
No worries man! Consider using the site feedback option on Wealthy Affiliate. Others can give you a more in depth analysis of the tweaks you need to make to your site.