I bought the Pro version of my theme. How do I install it

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Nancy usually the theme provider will provide tutorials on how to install the theme.

Put in a support ticket, they may be able to help you.

Another port of call can be here at, word press support.


Just enter the name of the theme/ support.

There should be some very good information there.

One of my go to's is Youtube just search for your theme if it is well supported then there should be a lot of information not only from the provider but also from fellow users.

Yet another source of information, if your theme is well-known and used there will most probably be more than a few Facebook groups around the use of the theme, tips and tricks kind of thing.

Just a thought if you included the name of the theme you may find that others here in WA are using the same theme and may come to light with the exact information that you need.

Best wishes.
juanster2017 Premium
The developer usually provides step by step instructions I would contact them about your install
lesabre Premium
That' almost 4000 themes, I do not know if I just got lucky but I picked my theme and clicked on activate theme and it worked. Please remember I am new to this stuff, I just do not want to give wrong information. All the best. By the way you seem to be moving a long pretty well. You have conquered obstacles and kept moving on.
BradB18 Premium
Has the developer given you the instructions? One I installed was emailed to me in a zip folder. I saved it to my computer then uploaded it as a new plugin. Check with the developer, because some are installed as new plugins. If you are not sure send me a PM and I will have a look for you.
Triblu Premium
Hey Nancy,

Marion's tutorial should be of great assistance for you: Hope you find this helpful.