Hi Awesome Peeps

Please assist me. I am updating previously published posts and do not want to change the date published and mess with any SEO mileage I have on the posts.

How do I do that please? So that the post shows "date updated" rather than republishing.

Look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance!


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ParthaB Premium
Louise, Lousie, Louise,

So, basically you want to change the date without changing the date, while updating the date, and keeping the original date?

You don't want much, do you?


Updated date can be done one of two ways:

Coding and php.files, of which I know nothing. Speak to young PHILIP (feigner)


As with everything, There's a plugin for that.

I note Joy has included one below, but I'd be more inclined to go with this one (Sorry Joy - more active installations and good ratings)


Now you can update your date, without changing your date, while updating the date, and keeping the original date.



LouiseBT Premium Plus
Partha, Pratha, Partha

I am always Louise, Louise, Louise and never Louise, Lousie, Louise - or any similar variation you may have running in that cheeky, astute mind of yours 😂

Thank you for your help ... especially with such a tall order
jvranjes Premium
You probably do not need plugins for this but this may depend on the theme.

Go to Customizing, Theme Settings (if you have it), Singular Content, under Entry Meta above content add this piece:

[post_modified_date label="Last Modified: "] [post_comments] [post_edit]

This will show the new date every time when you modify the post.

Quite generally, this is not the best solution. If you have many years old site with hundreds or thousands of posts you do not want to show obsolete dates. Remove dates completely.
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Thank you, Jovo. Appreciate your assistance.
Triblu Premium
Hey Louise,

Having formerly used a plugin that did that for me, I removed the plugin and now simply add my updates to the end of my posts, as follows:
UPDATED: [date of update goes here]
as several of my posts needed to be added to over time.

Hope you find this helpful.
lucbizz Premium
Simply write a line before the article "Updated on X" with X being the date you updated it.
JoeRebisz Premium
That's it??????
lucbizz Premium
Yes ,and you can add the URL to your search console and index it again too. Forgot to mention that,ttssk me.
JoeRebisz Premium
I thought that only worked if you want to get indexed????????
joyjoi Premium
Hi Louise,
I found a plug-in check this out!